Apply Now – Information Received

Thank you for taking the first step towards obtaining your medical marijuana card. We have received your information and will match you with a doctor in our network once your payment has been received.

To reserve your time with a participating local doctor in our network, we charge an upfront processing fee of $10. This processing fee covers locating a participating doctor in your area. Once a participating doctor is located, we will email or call you with the clinic’s location and phone number. You will be responsible for scheduling your appointment time and date. If we are unable to match you with a local doctor, we will refund your $10 processing fee.

* Please note, your upfront processing fee is only to locate a participating doctor in your area. You will be responsible for paying the doctor’s evaluation fee at the time of your appointment. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will be responsible for rescheduling your next appointment with doctor’s clinic.