How It Works

How does a typical evaluation visit work?

Please bring a state issued ID or proof of residency as well as any relevant medical information. This includes medical records, prescription bottles, x-rays, MRI results, or disability paperwork.

1.) You will be greeted by a friendly staff member that will assist you with all the necessary paperwork.

2) You will pay the physician fee at the time of the appointment.

3.) Your evaluation will be conducted by a certified physician.

4.) The physician will determine if medical marijuana will help your health condition.

5.) If approved, the physician will outline a treatment plan, explain all benefits, and detail all side effects of using medical marijuana.

6.) The physician will determine the duration of your treatment. Recommendations typically are for one year.

After the physician has determined your eligibility to use medical marijuana, you will receive a letter of recommendation, a medical cannabis ID card, and a patient’s rights pamphlet.

A letter of recommendation allows you to purchase medicine from private dispensaries. It also allows you to legally possess, transport, and cultivate marijuana. Additionally, most clinics provide 24 hour patient verification, so law enforcement and dispensaries can confirm that you are in fact a medical cannabis patient.