Payment Received

Your payment has been received. We are working on locating a participating doctor in your area. Please keep in mind, that there are a small amount of doctors the preform medical marijuana evaluations. Some travel may be required.

Once a participating doctor has been located, you will receive an email with the clinic’s information. You will be responsible for contacting the clinic and scheduling your appointment. Some clinics do accept walk-ins and no appointment is required.

If we are unable to locate a participating doctor in your area, we will issue you a refund.

What to expect next?

1.) You will receive an email from us within 24 hours, containing the participating doctor’s information.

2.) You will need to call the clinic and schedule your appointment.

3.) Ask the clinic what documentation is require for your appointment.

4.) Arrive early to your appointment, as you will need to complete some new patient documentation.

5.) Make sure you bring your state issued ID and any medical records that support your medical condition(s).

If you have additional questions or need immediate assistance, please call us at 619-866-4190.